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Review of The Gay Parade (1999)

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Score = B+

Ok, I know what you’re thinking. “I ain’t gonna listen to no faggot gay parade!” But honestly, this is a pretty good album, especially for kids (yes, seriously). And it’s not gay as in homosexual. It’s just a HAPPY parade. I’m not sure why the band, Of Montreal, decided to call their album The Gay Parade though. I mean, obviously a lot of people are going to get the wrong idea. I think, perhaps, that their intention was to keep ignorant rednecks and similar types from listening; but then again, I think they’ve got that covered just by being Of Montreal. Or maybe they chose the title, because the word “gay” (in the sense of happiness) carries a certain connotation that the word “happy” just doesn’t quite convey. Whatever the reason, please just look past it. I know you don’t want to go running to your friends to tell them all about the awesome gay parade, so if nothing else just at least listen and keep it to yourself.

This is quite possibly – no – quite CERTAINLY the most upbeat album I have ever heard. When you listen to the album, you’ll probably think “This really is a gay parade!” The music consists of gleeful piano progressions and happy guitar rhythms. It really seems quite simple compared to some other Elephant 6 albums.

Many of the songs feature lyrics based around the story of a fictional character’s life. “Jaques Lamure” is a ballad about a volunteer fireman that faces a heartbreak and subsequently leaves his hometown forever – and he’s better off for it. “The Autobiographical Grandpa” is about an old man and his daily routine. “My Favorite Boxer” is about a guy who looks up to and finally meets his favorite boxer, Hector Ormano. These three are just a few of the stories based upon the lives of fictional characters found on this album. Other songs feature lyrics on a broad range of topics; however, the clear lyrical theme of this album is that of daily life and all of the loneliness and normality that ensue. “My Friend will be Me” stands out to me as a particularly powerful song lyrically (and musically). Even though many songs on The Gay Parade cover topics such as loneliness and feelings of inadequacy, it all still sounds very upbeat and celebratory. That’s what this album is – a celebration of normal every day life.

This is “My Friend will be Me.” Whoever uploaded it named it incorrectly.

The Gay Parade is very clean, as in there is no cursing or controversial lyrics. The lyrical cleanliness coupled with the fact that the music is so happy sounding makes this a terrific album for children. Sure, it’s called The Gay Parade, but I highly recommend that any parents reading this right now buy a copy of this album for their young kids to listen to. You might want to burn it onto a blank cd and sharpie on a new title though, Something like The Creed of Satan: Volume 666 should be appropriate enough.

Now let me summarize:

  • Of Montreal’s 1999 album, The Gay Parade is an extremely upbeat celebration of everyday normal life.
  • The lyrical content is great and unique. I can’t think of another album like it.
  • No curse words and a lack of controversy make this a great album for little kids to listen to.

NOTE: It was difficult to find the songs I wanted on youtube, so I just posted some songs from the album that I could actually find.


Written by danielperry99

January 27, 2011 at 4:32 am