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The surreal aesthetic

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The surreal aesthetic – it is a very specific peculiarity that attracts one to this system of expressed introspections. Not just any man has the intellectual capability to recognize artistic persponderance in the same astrospect as I; alas, my comrade, Mr. Perry, has hired me for this very reason. He is more apt to gaze at an impressionistic Monet or to fondle a fleshy breast, whereas I, the gentlemanly Geoffrey Madagascar, fully appreciate the great Dali – for hidden and blatant image alike – while at the same time having an affinity toward sand of the driest quality.

If you think this is surreal, traveller, just imagine all that is not pictured!

But why should I, or any other squiresome indulgants for that matter, acquire a fondness for that which is surreal? Well, there is a menagerie of reasons; one of which is not known by  many – that is that we all are a part of the cosmos. Yes, it is verily! From the smallest quark, to the largest quark, even to the largest and most vacuous of solar bodies, there is a creed. That creed shines forth as a beacon, beckoning the astrally projected. Onward, I shout! I employ all youthful bodies to swim for a raft composed of eyelash and quail legs. Once free of all prejudgments and presuppositions, one gains a hint of self-awareness – something that says “hey, I’m a scholar of this world, and I intend to scholastigate until I am desired no more!”

To live amongst the surreal is to alleviate animalistic procrastination. This concept is illustrated in Bernard Van Gogh's depiction of purgatory.

I implore that even the softest spoken of those with a taste for the bizarre should find superiority in a realistic realm – whether real or imagined. You see, it is not all at once that I come to such bold conclusions as these. Inasmuch, I verily say that once passed through the threshold, an innumerable amount of drivel may consequently invade the respiratorium of communal health. Alas, such is the risk we must – NAY we should – be willing to cower from. For what is it that makes a voracious quest worthwhile? Some would say the shedding of common anxieties; some might say to defeat that savage beast of depression. But I? I say that no adventurer is quite as accomplished as he whom has conquered the vigilance of desperation. And in this, one may learn to interrogate the unextinguishable – FLAMING FIRES ablazen with serendipitous transpondance.

An inferno is not necessarily to fear. See here, an inferno is vanquished without even lending an ear. Now that's what I call music!

Well, I pray that this brief expose has garnered within any reader at least more than a subtle glance. For it is not that one should kilter the helter skeltor. On the contrary, there are several, even few, magazine articles and periodical elephant inductions that will lead a finger to an exclusive trance. This state of mind is claritous even amongst calamity. No more of that though, it is nearly time to begin.


Written by geoffreymadagascar

January 26, 2011 at 11:48 am